The capital of ripening

The wheels of cheese are taken to the ripening cellars when they are three months’ old. Fromage Gruyère SA remains in close contact with its cheesemakers. Dialogue is a key part of their working relationship. The wheels of cheese remain in the cellars of Fromage Gruyère SA until they are ready to be sold on the market. This is where the master ripener comes in.

The activities of Fromage Gruyère SA can be summarised in a single word: quality. The company only ripens Gruyère AOP. To achieve this outstanding quality, the daily actions of the master ripener are in keeping with tradition, but also comply with the strict hygiene standards in force today. Fromage Gruyère SA is the leading seller of Gruyère AOP and has been labelled ISO 22000 FSSC.

Fromage Gruyère SA sets itself apart because it works mainly with AOP cheese. AOP means that each stakeholder, from the milk producer to the cheesemaker and ripener, undertakes to supply a high-quality product.

Regular checks are carried out by the “Interprofession du Gruyère AOP”, the umbrella association of Gruyère AOP, to make sure that the specifications are met. Each month, the “Interprofession du Gruyère AOP” also comes to tax the Gruyère AOP cheese which has reached the age of five months, and to determine the quality of the cheese.

Heritage, tradition and know-how
since 1916