Alpine Gruyère AOP

It all started in the mountain pastures, back in 1115: once upon a time, there were men who took their cows up to the mountain pastures each summer, to find rich, varied grass for them to graze on. They soon learned how to enhance the value of their milk by turning it into cheese. This know-how was passed on from one generation to the next, from father to son.

A living tradition: today, the tradition of Alpine Gruyère lives on and is perpetuated each summer. The herds are taken up to the mountain pastures in the middle of May (the “poya”). Until mid-October they are allowed to graze on the rich and varied grass which gives Alpine Gruyère AOP its characteristic, unique taste. Each summer, the Alpine pastures produce Alpine Gruyère AOP according to a centuries-old recipe.

Tradition and modernity come together and, in 2001, Alpine Gruyère obtained AOP certification, like its lowland brother before it.

Heritage, tradition and know-how
since 1916