Gruyère AOP 1655

Gruyère AOP allowed to achieve excellence: Gruyère AOP 1655 is initially Gruyère AOP produced according to the traditional recipe, inherited from its region of origin, Gruyère. Its unique taste comes from the use of raw milk, from herds fed solely on natural fodder and grass, with no added preservatives. Its secret lies in the ancestral know-how of the ripener. This alchemy creates Gruyère AOP, with its naturally fruity taste, enhanced by more or less pronounced hints of flavour which vary according to the local soil.

Gruyère AOP 1655, with time as one of its ingredients: the round wheels of golden cheese are tended to carefully by professional ripeners as the months go by. They have an ivory hue and a characteristic texture, somewhere between delicate, strong and malleable. Gruyère AOP has patience to thank for its quality. The finest, most perfect wheels are selected to mature for months on end in the cellars, under the watchful eye of the master ripener, and will proudly bear the name Gruyère AOP 1655.

Gruyère AOP 1655, a journey of savours: tasting Gruyère AOP 1655 transports you to the very heart of Gruyère country and its surrounding area, where green pastures and rolling hills can be found alongside snow-topped peaks and bright blue lakes. And it is the master ripener from Fromage Gruyère SA who guarantees the quality of this exceptional cheese.

A unique ripening process with Alpine salt: the salt used to ripen Gruyère AOP 1655 comes from the Bex salt mines, at the foot of the Swiss Alps. This salt, which has been extracted since 1534, is the ideal match for the philosophy of Gruyère AOP 1655. Fromage Gruyère SA is the only ripener to use this salt, which has a great history of its own.

Heritage, tradition and know-how
since 1916