Other cheese from eastern Switzerland

Emmentaler AOP Classic does not contain any food additives. The wheels of cheese are dipped into a brine bath. Initially kept in warm cellars, they are then transferred to cold cellars to complete the ripening process. With its large holes and nutty, slightly spicy taste, Emmentaler AOP Classic is a true part of Swiss culture.

Just like all Emmentaler AOP products, Emmentaler AOP Réserve must be tended to and ripened for at least 4 months in its region of production. The best wheels are then selected to continue the maturing process for up to 8 months. Their rind gradually turns dark brown as they develop their typical strong taste.

The full-bodied taste of Emmentaler AOP Extra is reminiscent of the prairies of the Emme valley. Each wheel of cheese is a piece of ancestral know-how, perpetuated over the centuries in the mountain dairies. The cheese owes its strong aroma to the ripening period of at least 12 months.

Cheeselovers are spoilt for choice with the wide range of Appenzeller® cheese available. The different products all share the same unique strong taste, which is due to the secret recipe of its famous herb brine, and the great care taken of every wheel of cheese. Even to this day, the cheese is tended to in the traditional manner, according to ancestral methods which are more than 700 years old.

Appenzeller® Doux is ripened for at least three months using the mysterious herb brine; it is one of Switzerland’s greatest cheese specialities. The beautiful Appenzell hills and their rich pastures are the best ingredient of the natural, fortifying raw milk used to produce Appenzeller®. Appenzeller® Doux can be identified by its silver label.

Spicy and full of flavour, Appenzeller® SURCHOIX owes its maturity to its ripening period of at least four months. Like all other Appenzeller® cheese, its unique flavour is due to the mysterious herb brine it is lovingly treated with. SURCHOIX can be recognised by its golden label.

Appenzeller® EXTRA: this exclusive speciality is left to ripen for six months. At the age of five and a half months, experts verify the maturing process and select only the very best wheels. This cheese owes its extra-strong, particularly flavoursome taste to the special treatment it is given for six months. EXTRA can be distinguished by its black and gold label.

Appenzeller® RAFFINÉ: the new Appenzeller® Raffiné provides for a particularly enjoyable tasting experience: it is strong and well-balanced thanks to its gentle ripening crystals, yet creamy and round in the mouth. Each wheel is tended to regularly for nine months with the secret herb brine. Appenzeller® Raffiné has a taste which is surprisingly different to that of other Appenzeller® cheese varieties.

Heritage, tradition and know-how
since 1916