A philosophy based on tradition

We maintain the traditions of Gruyère AOP on a daily basis in the heart of Gruyère country. Gruyère is first and foremost the ancestral homeland of Gruyère AOP. The first traces of its production date back to 1115, and the name Gruière appeared for the first time in 1655. We are based in the ideal place to perpetuate the ancestral know-how passed down to us by our Gruyère ancestors.

When you taste our Gruyère AOP, you are entering into the spirit of Gruyère. A land of tales and legends, inhabited by men who are devoted to the local soil. Our cellars are situated deep in Gruyère country. Our local roots are one of the vital ingredients that give Gruyère AOP its original taste, so popular among cheeselovers.

Fromage Gruyère SA is an important Gruyère stakeholder. The company enjoys good local relationships which allow it to perpetuate the region's traditional elements and maintain its authentic, ecological nature.

Heritage, tradition and know-how
since 1916